The Governing Documents of the B.L.R.A.A.

Please be sure to familiarize yourself with all of them and be sure your
family, guests and renters are familiar with the General Rules.


Water and Sewer Infrastructure Rules

The following rules are needed to clarify the expectations of all members and protect the investment we all have in our water and sewer infrastructure.

Water Delivery System

1. On water-off day, all connections to spigots must be removed. Any splitters in use at hydrants must be disconnected as well.

2. Water boxes will be replaced with upright “T”s at the location and discretion of the Water and Sewer committee. Members may request replacement of water boxes through the Water and Sewer committee.

3. Water supply lines to any spigot or hydrant may not be altered without site permit approved by the Site committee with additional approval by the Water and Sewer committee.

4. Hydrants may not be locked during the winter off season. Wire ties may be used to prevent unintentional activation. Site owners will be fined $50 and be given two weeks to remove the lock. If the lock remain , it will be cut off and an additional $25 service charge will be assessed.

5. Direct feed Curb Valves may be installed at the site owners expense providing a site permit is approved by the Site committee with additional approval Water and Sewer committee.
a. The BLRAA will not install or maintain any private curb valves , nor may BLRAA equipment be used in installation.
b. All curb valves must be located at least 5 feet from any other connection off the main supply. This must be inspected by the Site and Water committee.
c. Contractors that may perform the installation must be identified at the time of site permit application and shall be properly insured.
d. Any damage to ant existing structure (water line, sewer line, etc.) must be fixed at the site owners expense. Failure to make proper repairs will result in a $50 fine and a minimum $500service charge plus cost of any necessary materials.

6. Damage to hydrants or seasonal water connections due to negligence or misuse we be the responsibility of the site owner. The cost of the materials , labor and machinery will be charged. Labor will be assessed at $30 per hour billable in $15 minute increments. machinery will be bill at $50 per hour billable in 15 minute increments.

7. There will be no charges for repairs due to normal wear and tear of any water supply. Also, damage occurring through no fault of the site owner (such as from plowing) shall not incur any charges.

8. When any work is done by the BLRAA, the site will be rough leveled. It is the responsibility of each site owner to return the area to their desired esthetic condition.

9. Any buried hoses or other items near a water supply are at risk of the site owner. The BLRAA does not assume responsibility for any damage caused during installation or repair of any water supply.

Safety Committee

The Safety Committee is charged with the responsibility of assisting the Board of Directors in maintaining a safe environment in the campground and addressing rules violations.

If you would like to participate on this committee please attend the next meeting. If you would like information regarding this committee contact the Safety Chairman .

See Frank Beal Site #184 for golf cart/ATV/Jet Ski/Boat/Moped/Motor Scooters/Snowmobiles yellow stickers- see Rules & Regulations Section B- Vehicle Regulations; Subsection 3

Gate Cards and remotes are available from Scot Chambers Site #225

Your Role in Campground Safety:

Everyone in the campground has some things in common – we are all here for fun and relaxation in a safe environment; we all share in the responsibility for whatever happens; and, like it or not we will all share in the financial burden created by any serious accident.

Consequently it is to the benefit of all to see to it that the rules are obeyed and when infractions are witnessed they are reported. To that end we have set up a confidential process that starts with the VIOLATION FORM, which can be found on this website under Online Violation Form. When you witness an infraction complete this form and click on SUBMIT or see the Secretary for a paper form.

The Safety Committee will then act upon it by issuing written warnings and/or levying fines; but that will not be done  without a signed Violation Form.

Enjoy your yourself at Baxter Lake and be sure you obey the rules and are considerate of your neighbors.

If everyone does that we’ll have a great and safe campground!

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